Anything BUT Basic

Black and white. 

To the point. Sharp. Clean. Timeless. Potential. 

We're taking our black and white collection to a level that is anything but basic. Solid black or white pieces are far from simple wardrobe staples. We're giving them life, setting them free, and working them in all new ways. 

For instance, neon is an incredibly enticing trend right now, but so many of us are hesitant to put it on our bodies. The 90's neon extravaganza surely left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, but if you can get past that bitterness, you'll see that when worked into a wardrobe appropriately, neon takes an outfit from an unnoticed whisper to a captivating scream. {white ripped leggings + black shredded tank + neon sports bra = S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G}

    +      +   

Solid black and solid white make for insatiable ensemble foundations. I mean, who doesn't have their favorite black leggings or tank? What we want you to do is take solid to the next level. Play up the details, work in the color, dress it up, and embrace edge, texture, and design. 

Melissa and I (Amanda) were recently invited to a fashion show and needed to dress our look up. We sell athleisure, so we couldn't wear our own pieces to this amazing night out, right? WRONG. **see below**

Yeah, that's our athleisure-wear and yeah, it's black and white done right. 

Stay tuned for more this week on our "Anything but Basic" collection!

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