In Summer, We Wear Pink

Not only does the heat rise in the summer, but so does our desire for some femininity and fun in the wardrobe department. Nothing says bright, sun-shinning day like the perfect pink hue draped across a woman's décolletage. or seamlessly pulled over her legs like butter. And you know that's where we come in!

PINK is on our radar this week and we're showcasing it like no other. 

We're all about the patterns, too. Hearts, cherries, tie-dye, leopard . . . you name it, we have it. If you're going on vacation this summer, you definitely want to flaunt your bright side. 


If y'all have followed some of my banter throughout the last year, you'll know I'm a black on black on grey kind of girl 95% of the time. However, trust me when I say these pinks and this weather shoot my interest in the opposite direction.

Let's do this! What's tickling your (pink) fancy this week? 

Not a pink on pink type person? See how style and fashion blogger, Alexis Belbel, incorporates our fuchsia eyelet bra into her look below:


{photo credit: Alexis Belbel,



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