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As we are approaching our ONE year anniversary, we are more excited than ever. The relationships we have built and the connections we have made over the last year have been life changing. We are often asked questions about the ins and outs of Athletique & Co. and we thought we would take this opportunity to answer some of our most common inquiries. 

Q: Is this what you thought Athletique & Co. would become?

A: It’s actually better than what we originally imagined. We have met so many women in our community that have been extremely supportive of what we are doing. We feel that we are surrounded by so much positive energy all the time. In less than a year, we have grown an idea into a community and lifestyle. It's been wonderful to watch the business blossom. 

Q: Where is your store located?

A: Currently, we have a small boutique in McKinney that we open for private shopping hours and small events. Outside of our small boutique, we are focusing on a grassroots approach. Getting out into the community and building our brand by offering an amazing shopping experience, with solid customer service and developing real relationships. We want our customers to share their Athletique experience and spread the word organically. 

Q: You two are everywhere, ALL THE TIME! How do you do it?

To be perfectly honest, we do not think about it too much. We want to meet and connect with as many people as possible!  We want Athletique & Co. to be easy for repeat customers and new customers alike to find us at fun events, close to their homes, and everywhere in between. We have an incredible support system from our employees, to our husbands, and although we have realized that the idea of balance is a myth, we do every thing we can to make time for every one and every thing. Keep up with our schedule by following us on Instagram


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