That #Athleisure Life

If you're thinking our clothes or #athleisure style isn't for you because you aren't a gym rat, I'm sorry to be blunt, BUT . . . you couldn't be more wrong. Athletique and athleisure styles are for every BODY. 

Does Melissa workout? Religiously. 

Do I (Amanda) workout? When the occasion calls for it. 

Do we both wear leggings, sports bras, and sneakers? Every single day of our lives. 

Take the "ath" away and leisure is the star player.

Leisure itself is defined as "freedom provided by the cessation of activities." Few busy women, especially moms, have the opportunity to enjoy "leisure" on a regular basis. So if we can't have a "leisurely" day to day life (work hard, play hard, right? ... more like work hard, sleep hard!), then why not relish in a comfortable and cute ensemble while we're working our booties off (figuratively and literally when we're talk squats).

Understandably, athletic wear can be frowned upon in some work places. Lawyers won't be showing up to court in leopard print Onzie leggings any time soon, but they can rock them to barre class on Saturday like a boss and sport our MonoB LBD to date night. The options are endless, ladies.

If you're late to the party, not to worry - we aren't going anywhere. 

Where do you rock your athleisure looks? 


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