The Candy Collection: Sweetening the Color in Your Athleisure Style

If you have eyes, you've probably noticed that this season is screaming color me all kinds of wonderful. Going to the gym? Neon. Going to a party? Pastels. Spring Break at the beach? Neon and pastel florals. Color is everywhere and we're loving it. The question is, are these trends causing painful 90s PTSD (fashion edition) or are they being done just right? 

I'm not going to lie, when this trend first started peaking through the snow caps a few months ago, I wasn't convinced. I tend to dance to the tune of "does this come in black?" and I honestly think the only place I've put neon in the last 10 years is my day planner when highlighting and color coding important dates. Low and behold, curiosity got the best of me and I ordered some #neon yellow (and I mean NEON) athletic overlay tops. That's when I fell in love and quickly boarded the color train in 2019. Things have spiraled out of control from there and Athletique & Co. is blooming with bright, happy, spring and summer collections. 

You do have to be careful, however. Neon can be easily overdone, too much pastel can wash you out, and florals need to be carefully complimented with a solid of some sort. One of my favorite things about the neon pieces we have brought in, is just how fantastic they look with black and how a little goes a lonnnnggggg way. The clean and crisp look of our Glyder black and white striped set marries the bright color pieces like a match made in heaven, too. 

So, this season, it's all about DOING IT and doing it WELL. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest as we bring you the latest and greatest pieces and show you how to pair them, wear them, and keep everyone else's stare on them. 

At Athletique & Co., we make you want to do your laundry. 

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